Your potential clients are migrating from searching for your services and products from telephone print directory and they are increasingly moving to internet for locating companies and services. It therefore makes business sense to position you in their space. Small businesses benefit immensely from using this website as it particularly connects them with local consumers. We help them grow their internet presence through listing such businesses on this platform which makes it convenient for potential clients to locate their businesses with great ease. We are a bridge between consumers and service providers. We have marketing strategies that will ensure that your business is visible online.

Findit brings all types of businesses to your finger tips seven days a week and 24 hours a day. Whether you are stranded by the roadside and need a breakdown quickly or you need a place to sleep overnight, is your solution. With over 1000 companies listed, you are mostly likely to find help quickly. Next time you need to find a local supplier or a service provider in your local area, search for such service providers and product merchants in Findit .

Lekaota Media (pty) ltd, the publishers of , strives to verify the authenticity of the listed service providers listed herewithin. Nonetheless errors and omissions are to be expected. The users of this website are advised to independently verify the information provided by the listed companies before committing to them. Using this website, the client agrees to use this facility at their own risk. They will not hold the publisher accountable for any injury to persons or property caused by any service provided or agreed to be provided or service provided by the listed company.


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